Giant Snowflakes by FSD

Large-Scale Holographic Snowflakes by FSD

Dazzling snowflakes available in 2D and 3D formats.

Available in a wide variety of finishes including holographic, prismatic, and metallic finishes.

Ready to hang, or get a twirling snowflake by suspending them from landscaped trees and tethering them to the ground.

- Exterior / Interior Snowflakes up to 8 ft. in diameter.

- 1/2” thick aluminum laminated corrugated plastic,
covered with durable fleet graphic films

- 3 finishes: confetti holographic, prizmatic blue, gold leaf or custom.

- Flat-2D or interlocking-3D

- Ready to hang
Snowflake Banner by FSD

Four Seasons Decorations Giant Snowflakes Gallery:

Snowflakes by FSD

Snowflake Patterns Available:

Snowflake styles by Four Seasons Decorations 

For display consulting, price quotes, and questions please contact FSD at 214-742-6635.
Via email:
Emails will be answered within 24 hours.

Available in the following diameters
• 1.5 ft
• 2 ft
• 3 ft
• 4 ft
• 6 ft
• 8 ft

• custom sizes available
Giant Snowflakes by FSD


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