Illuminated Color-Changing Ornaments

Illuminated Color Changing Ornaments by FSD

Developed for the commercial real estate industry, these larger than life ornaments are constructed from rugged steel and polycarbonate for exterior displays.

Each unit is completely self-contained and uses an energy-efficient, high-intensity, LED, color-changing lighting system that can synch up to music and coordinate with other ornaments and displays.

Illuminated Color Changing Ornaments by FSD
• LED Lit - Transform colors, sync up to music, and coordinate with other displays
• Available in 3 standard sizes and custom: 5ft, 6ft, 7ft.
• Steel and polycarbonate construction
• Weather resistant for exterior display
• Ready to hang or with a free-standing base.
Color-Changing Ornament by FSD

Illuminated Color-Changing Ornaments Gallery:

Color-changing ornaments by FSD

Ordering Illuminated Color-Changing Ornaments:

For display consulting, price quotes, and questions please contact FSD at 214-742-6635.
Via email:
Emails will be answered within 24 hours.

Available in the following diameters
• 5 ft
• 6 ft
• 7 ft
• custom sizes available
Color-Changing Ornament by FSD

 LEDs:  Light emitting diode (LEDs) are used in the design of our interior and exterior displays
        Advantages of LEDs
        1. Longer life-time
        2. Low-maintenance
        3. Instantaneous switch-on
        4. Open up new design options

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